Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Please follow my husband and I as we are new urban homesteaders. We are attempting to develop a self-sustainably lifestyle that our 1800 ancestors did by way of  Gardening, Canning, Dehydrating. We will be putting in a garden and starting a chicken pen to have our eggs and meat birds. 2017 will be a very busy time for us as we still face physical disabilities but hope to develop easy ways for us to enjoy a lifestyle that we have wanted for a long time and hope you will follow along with us. Hen Feather Homestead on You-Tube   Hugs Debbie

Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 The year to get organized and back to blogging.

I started the day with taking a picture of my ramp that my husband is starting to 
build for me. Can't wait for it to be finished.. He ran out of boards, so hoping his source will have a few for him to finish.  I am working on January inchies for 1x1 and swaps for my Paperfollies group. So good to be able to start crafting again. Hugs Debbie

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogging Has Been Long Overdue

It is just so hard to believe that I have not blogged since Dec 2010. So many things have gone on since we lost our Bunny Boo. We have a new dog she is a Border Collie/Blue Heeler named Shadow, she is joined by her older sister Hannah and two new additions to our family; Charlie and Bugg.. both Chi weenies... so that keeps my hands full. Shadow is our stay outside dog and loves to chase her Frisbee. Hannah keeps the two little ones in check and they too were born on Easter of 2011, so recently turned 1 year old. We have bid on a house that is going to be moved onto our lot. We just got the sewer lines laid and waiting for the house mover to start working on the foundation. Just so much going on from now till the house gets set. It is an older home with a Hugh long kitchen with lots of cabinets for all my treasures. It has a combined living room and dining room, foyer, small L hallway , 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a two carport garage that we will have moved over too. The breezeway will have to be torn down that joins the garage and house, hate that part as I love the breeze way. We won't have a place for our washer and dryer in the house, but I am going to put a sign on the smaller metal building that Mike had plumbed for a washer and dryer and it will say "Laundry Mat" it will be about 50 feet away,, but I do need some exercise. So can't wait to get my crafting room set up in my bedroom and get back to more crafting, and get moved out of the 27 feet of travel trailer that we are living in right now. All for now. Hugs Debbie

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday A Week After

What a warm and beautiful day today

I gathered his uniforms to wash for Thursday.

Hannah and I went for our walk in the yard

To gather the pecans the trees would discard.

I picked them up with my special tool

Something squirrels would think as old school.

Bunny use to help me on my daily search of the yard

A week without her and finding it still hard.

A search in some boxes for steampunk was needed

After a search of four boxes I had soon succeeded.

I can go back to the camper and looked at the treasure

Something to craft with and give others the pleasure.

Now to break the watches apart

Someone is going to get some sweet little art.

The hands will stop moving and still forever

We will miss our Bunny Boo for ever and ever.

I was thinking of my shopping the other day

I hesitated at the bulletin board on display.

It had a lost dog and several puppies for sale that day

But maybe checking the shelter will be the right way.

A place were Hannah once lived 10 years ago

Starting over with a new one, I just don't know.

Maybe we will have a fence up by this Spring

When the birds are all happy and begin to sing.

Our garden will get planted and grass will begin to grow

Oh Bunny, I still remember you on a really fast snow.

The snowflakes started falling all around you that day

I ran and grabbed the camera to find you at play.

You jumped at the flakes as they danced in the air

They landed ever so gently on your soft sweet hair.

Then they disappeared as fast as they fell to the ground

You seached and search for them all around.

That day I will remember and never forget

But never see our Bunny in another sunset.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Bitter Cold Morning

The bitter cold to the start of the day

Hum, no sweet birds singing away.

Did they also feel the bitter wind

That mother nature wanted to send.

I let Hannah out while coffee I made

She ran to the garden, where Bunny once played.

The spot all tilled and ready to go

Can't wait for spring to plant and grow.

Hannah came running back to the door

And came inside to a warm spot on the floor.

She held up her foot as she jumped up on the couch

No wonder the clover burrs make her a grouch.

Out they came and she was ready for her nap

She went over and sat in her daddys lap.

The mornings so quite without our Sweet Bunny

She always would find a spot so warm and sunny.

She would wait for the blinds to raise like a drill

So the start of her day would be her big thrill.

Our routines have changed with each passing day

Since our Sweet Bunny Boo passed away.

She learned the trash truck sounds were on every Monday

She followed her dad as he took it out each Sunday.

She stopped at the curb as he sat the trash can out

Checking and searching the ground like a scout.

She raced back to beat her daddy inside

And went to get her bone , the covers did hide.

She tossed up the covers in search of her buried treasure

And flipped out the bone which was light as a feather.

As the weather is changing on each passing day

Oh Sweet Bunny your leaves are blowing away.

I can still see you chasing them and keeping them in play

Oh how we miss you Bunny on this cold and windy day.

A swap to make my partner Smile.

A metal screen Atc I made

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Four Days without Bunny

Four Days without Bunny

The day started out with the blowing of the wind

I decide to see what crafts I could begin.

Alcohol inks the start of my list

Oh, Sweet Bunny, you are so very missed.

Hannah is looking a little lost and sad

Maybe its because she misses her dad.

He is off to play golf for most of the day

I hope the wind does not spoil his play.

I got my inchies all cut for a swap

No one on Facebook seems to want to talk.

The are probably out shopping and putting up trees

Nothing like that for Mike and me.

It will be a quite Christmas and sad to get through

For will be the first holiday without our Bunny Boo.

The neighbors invited us over that day

To celebrate and put a few calories away.

Hannah looked out the window for a period of time

Something that Bunny did like a grandfathers clock chime.

Had she been watching her sister do this

Did she know that it would be on her list.

So many things that Bunny did in our days

To make the minutes of the clock tick away.

With hot chocolate in my cup to keep the cold away

I found a matchbox to alter away.

A picture of a sweet little girl holding a butterfly inside

Today the first day that I have not cried.


Altered Matchbox

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another day without Bunny Boo

Another day without Bunny Boo

As 2010 comes close to the end

The leaves blowing gently in the wind.

The crying is a little less each passing day

Knowing the memories of our Bunny won't fade away.

Her daddy hugged her as her eyes soon glazed over

Why , why did she have to get run over.

He cried for her and begged her to come back

Even as her warm body lay in his lap.

She hasn't finished her bone she just got

Still laying in the camper from the day it was bought.

She had waited for daddy to unwrap it that day

And not wanting Hannah to swipe it away.

She learned how to growl if you touched her bone

But never any teeth would she have shown.

The food bowls went from two to one

Another routine had slowly begun.

The birds are slowing singing as the day grows warm

As the new words for a new poem do form.

I know the poems will soon stop one day

As she runs like the wind in the heavens away.

Healing is starting to slowly begin

No hugs or kisses from us again.

The tears don't seem to want to flow

But doesn't mean that grief doesn't show.

The memories of seeing her die that day

Will be pressed on our minds in our own way.

Bunny you gave us such hope and love

Run Sweet Bunny from the Heavens above.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Poem for our Sweet Bunny Boo

Missing our Sweet Bunny Boo

The heater kicked on all thur the night

The house warm but oh so quite.

The morning will soon turn bright and sunny

But still morn the loss of our Sweet Bunny.

She would twirl and twist to greet the new day

Because her sister Hannah had taught her the way.

Out the door and roaring out to their spot

Teasing and jumping and in a slow motion trot.

The new garden area is the first choice of day

Digging and throwing sand out of way.

Then heading over to visit their neighbor Kia

With a few barks and kissing and a big See Ya.

Bunny would race round the lot as fast as the wind

Aggravating her sister Hannah always to the end.

Waiting for the wind to kick up and blow

Chasing the leaves as if a big foe.

Then back in the camper and ready to eat

A pat on the head and a sweet little treat.

The bowl watching battles began right away

Hannah love to dictate the rules of the day.

Bunny's daddy would leave sun up sun down

But Bunny would wait till dark for that sound.

Bunny waited on the ride for the day

And another opportunity to get to say.

How much she loved her daddy and sleep in his bed

Under the covers and right by his head.

Days will become years as the memories grow longer

Missing our Bunny in the far , far yonder.


Our sweet Bunny Boo was killed by a truck Tuesday

Our Sweet Bunny Boo

The twinkling soon faded from her eyes

As the spirit of her life soon dies.

Why did she have to chase after that noise

Did she not realize it was not a big toy.

She was born on Easter a mear three years

How could she know her loss would bring tears.

Her name was giving to her by our grandkids Destinee and Treasure

Bunny and Boo her name just for measure.

She hopped in her yard a big ball of wonder

But would come scurring at the sound of thunder.

Kelly taught her many things that would make her life easier

Hannah will miss her sister , the runner and teaser.

Michael would find her so much like another

His body buried along side his brother.

She soon found she could race like the wind

But found Justin could catch her in the end.

Williard and Donna watched them as they chased

A game Bunny found was just her pace.

We soon moved to Junction to start over our lives

And what a challenge for her to take that river dive.

We chased her around the trailer park to get her back to the camper

Dad soon learned the truck would make her scamper.

She soon found her dad would take her for rides

She sat in his lap with joy and pride.

We made another move into a house that give her more freedom

She chased the fence line like a demon.

She loved to play ball and run at the light

She was so full of love and fancy flight.

We made another move that was to be our final ground

I hope the children in Heaven are chasing you around.

Debbie House 12-7-2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally have the move over-Now lets catch up

I have started back with crafting. Still have to organize the storage/crafting room so that I can craft on nice days. So for now have to hunt thru boxes to find things for crafting . Here is what I have been doing,I altered a domino .. Fun Fun.] I took bug metal screen and cut it to Atc size , brush painted it with Metallic Pure Gold Acrylic paint, added my woman and other items with The Ultimate Glue, Used Amber Clay Color box Fluid Chalk on the " Time Slipping Away", Used some watch hands on top of a gold button and added some sweet paper flowers. I really liked how she turned out. We are doing the Metal Screen in some upcoming Dec Paperfollies and Inchies OnebyOne Swaps. I have started a new group for 13-17 year olds at yahoo called PaperCutz and am in need of moderators to help me with the group if interested. I need someone that does mainly greetingcards as I can help with the other small crafts. I am still in the process of writing up the rules and stuff. The group will be moderated for all of the teens when they post or upload. Hope we can teach them to swap with others in their group, but they still need to have a sponser or family member to help them with mailing and things and getting to the P.O. I want to also include journals, scrapbooks . Hugs, Debbie House

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Origami Dog Inchie

Kind of hard to see but this is an origami dog inchie.. I used seed beads for the eyes and nose and a triangle jewel for his tongue.. You should use either origami paper or you can use newspaper,copy paper, old letters, gift wrap, glossy magazine pages, butcher paper,the main thing is that the paper gets a good crease for you to complete your creation.You can use a bone folder of the edge of scissors to help you get the creases. I started out with a punched 1" square of origami paper to complete the dog, and follow the instructions from this web site. Go to Animials to find the dog. The link I have is for the birds. Just explore the stuff to the left on this link. It also has a link for you to down load your own origami designs.. Hope you enjoy this small creation. Such fun.. Hugs, Debbie House